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The Personal Data Protection Act 2021, introduced to the Indian Parliament in December 2021, deals with the issue of data privacy and how companies treat consumer data when providing services.


The Masterclass is designed to help participants explore how the Data & Privacy Bill is changing their businesses and industries. It will also provide technical solutions to data privacy concerns and help professionals go above and beyond their roles.


Topics covered

·        Assessing Legal implications of policies and strategies and their impact on business

·        Understanding GDPR requirements related to information governance

·        Applying data privacy protection within an organization

·        Determining the need to introduce Data Protection Officer in the organization

·        Undertaking a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

·        Developing Business Continuity Plan

·        Taking adequate steps to perform the required audits on data privacy protection

·        Looking into the future of cybersecurity and data privacy protection





Data privacy protection – An overview

·        The basics of privacy

·        Myths about privacy

·        The journey and challenges


Data Privacy Bill- its Impact on Business

·        Data Protection Laws In India – Everything you must know

·        Why did we need data protection legislation?

·        What should businesses know about the law?

·        Importance of data protection bill

·        Govt’s intermediary rules

·        Security, privacy and data protection challenges in the emerging business models


GDPR Cross-Border Data Transfers – Rules Restrictions Schrems II Decision

·        How can Indian organizations prepare for the GDPR regime?

·        How has the GDPR mandate impacted Indian organizations, specifically those conducting business with EU nations and handling EU citizens

·        Are we prepared to provide evidence of GDPR compliance to EU or US privacy regulators who may request it?

·        Do we have visibility of and control over what personal data we collect? How do we use it? To whom do we share it?

·        Have we defined a roadmap for GDPR compliance?

·        Have we adopted a cross-border data transfer strategy?

·        Schrems II Decision

·        Challenges and opportunities

·        Managing cross-border data transfers

·        What is data localization and what are the issues with cross-border data transfers?

·        How do multinational companies deal with cross-border data transfers?

·        What are the laws governing data transfers in different countries?

·        Exemptions under the bill – additions and removals


Privacy Enhancing Technologies

·        Why do you need PETs?

·        Definition of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

·        Outline of some of the common entries among popular privacy-enhancing technologies


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