Mumbai Chapter

Mumbai Chapter #160



Webcast: Operating in the Grey Area – way out of Ethical Quagmires


18 December 2014, 1.5 CPE hours

Speakers: Nandkumar Saravade - Convenor, ACFE Mumbai Chapter & Jagdeep Singh - Executive Director, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY


Humans have been grappling with ethical issues since the dawn of civilisation. With the advent of large and complex modern organisations, some of the dilemmas have become accentuated. For a trustful society and safer business environment, it is important to understand the factors which lead to unethical behaviour in organisations and how to overcome them in a systematic and reliable manner. With this as the backdrop, a webcast was organized for the members with specific focus on ethics emphasizing on factors leading to unethical behaviour in organisations, strategies to be considered to resolve ethical dilemma, the guiding principles for Ethical Conduct and the best practices followed by leading organizations.


Webcast: How can corporate India mitigate the risk of fraud & corruption?


20 November 2014, 1.5 CPE hours

Speakers: Arpinder Singh – President, ACFE Mumbai Chapter & Pramod Rao, Senior Vice President, Fraud Management Unit, Vodafone India Ltd


With the ongoing ‘International Fraud Awareness Week’ (Nov 16 – Nov 22, 2014), organized a webcast for its members to effectively promote the importance of detection, deterrence and investigation of fraud. The webcast focussed on encouraging stakeholders to examine internal controls, educate employees and executives about the risks related to fraud, and learn the skills necessary to identify and deter fraud in any situation. The webcast focussed on fraud & bribery and corruption scenario and recent trends in India and the best practices on fraud prevention in corporates.


Workshop: Use of Data Analytics and Prevention of Credit Card Frauds


26 September 2014, 2 CPE hours

Speakers: Vinay Kargaonkar, IPS, Special Inspector General of Police and Chief Vigilance Officer, Sales Tax Department, Government of Maharashtra & Pinaq Dudhwala, National Manager - Financial Crime Prevention (Cards & Electronic Channels), ICICI Bank Limited


The advent of technology has changed the way we live as well as do business. The corporate world has begun to recognise the effective use of data analytics to manage compliance-related requirements and mitigate fraud risks in today’s complex business environment. Another area of fraud ACFE members grapple with is the increasingly sophisticated frauds in payment systems, credit cards in particular. With context to this the chapter organized a workshop on “Use of Data Analytics and Prevention of Credit Card Frauds’ at the premises of EY office in Dadar West. The workshop was well attended by a group of 35 people.


Workshop: Fraud Risk Management and Anti-fraud Controls


23 May 2014, 2 CPE hours

Speakers: Sanjay Sharma, , Regional Security Manager, Asia Pacific – Merck & Puneet Garkhel, Head - Fraud Risk Practice & Business Development at Mahindra Special Services Group


An evening workshop on ‘Fraud Risk Management and Anti-fraud controls’ was organized for the chapter members at Mahindra Towers in Worli. Mr. Sharma addressed the participants on the Anti-fraud control measures while Mr. Garkhel focussed on the areas of fraud risks and its management. The session was concluded with interaction with the chapter officers – Mr. Mukul Shrivastava, President and Mr. Nandkumar Saravade, Convenor.


Webcast: Disputes - using eDiscovery to your advantage


25 March 2014, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Nandkumar Saravade, Convener, Advisory Council - ACFE Mumbai Chapter

Speaker: Ranjeeth Bellary


Many local companies in India have a global footprint which has made it essential for companies to respond to litigation requirements as per US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act across industries /sectors. Thus such US companies need to perform an FCPA health check to ensure compliance with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act. While performing health check on a company's anti-bribery laws, it is noticed that more than 90% of the information is stored in the form of electronic documents giving rise to the need of Ediscovery. The webcast focusses on such strategic approaches to handle electronic data in today's challenging business environment, its relevance in Indian legal system and latest trends.


General Meeting with Members of Mumbai Chapter


4 October 2013 Dadar West, Mumbai


On 4th October 2013, the members of Mumbai Chapter gathered together for the first time at the Presidents' office located at Dadar West in Mumbai for attending the first General Meeting. The meeting commenced with the welcome address and introduction of the Mumbai Chapter by Mr. Mukul Shrivastava - Chapter Founder & Vice President. It was followed by a round of self-introduction by all the members post which the members had an interactive discussion on the 'way forward' led by Mr. Nandkumar Saravade - Chapter Convener, Advisory Council. The discussions also led to agreement of members toward chapter's vision and mission statements.


Webcast: Securing yourself with Software License Reviewsr


10 July 2013, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Mukul Shrivastava, Vice President - ACFE Mumbai Chapter

Speaker: Amit Jaju CFE


Software is mission-critical for most businesses. While quality software can enhance business operations significantly, lack of controls (leading to use of unapproved and non-standard software) can create compliance-related issues. This can snowball into a financial, legal and reputational risk if it is not detected during internal compliance-monitoring processes and addressed in a timely manner. The webcast focussed on such challenges and complexities in managing software licenses and disputes related to software license compliance. The speakers also briefed on how to address these risks by sharing best practices with the members


Webcast: Impact of the New Companies Bill 2013 on Fraud


22 February 2013, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Arpinder Singh, President - ACFE Mumbai Chapter

Speaker: Alina Arora, Partner - Luthra & Luthra

Speaker: Jagdeep Singh, CFE


With the aim to understand the Companies Bill 2013, the webcast focussed on overview of the New Companies Bill, its legal implications and its impact on fraud post introduction of key provisions around duties and liabilities of Directors / Independent directors and Serious Fraud Investigation office (SFIO).


Webcast: Briefing on new FCPA Guidelines issued by US DoJ and SEC on 14 November 2012


12 December 2012, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Arpinder Singh, President - ACFE Mumbai Chapter

Speaker: Brian P. Loughman


On November 14, 2012, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) jointly released A Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, (Guide). Through this webcast the leaders briefed members on the new FCPA Guidelines issued by US DoJ and SEC on 14 November 2012 along with discussions on FCPA issues in India.


Conference - The Corporate Fraud Control Summit 2012 (Mumbai & Delhi)


7 December 2012 - Mumbai & 20 December 2012 - New Delhi 8.5 CPE hours


The ACFE Mumbai Chapter endorsed "The Corporate Fraud Control Summit" held in Mumbai on 7 December 2012 and 20 December 2012 in New Delhi. The summit focussed on:

  • Cost-effective fraud prevention & detection mechanisms
  • Implementing effective internal investigation and best practices for the detection of fraud evidence
  • Incorporation of fraud management in corporate culture and build transparent corporate environment
  • Use of technology and up-to-date fraud detection tools and techniques
  • Discuss most common types of frauds and best practice strategies for prevention of fraud
  • Case studies featuring original data and documents
  • Whistle blowing in India and the need for whistle blower protection

Due to Mumbai Chapter's endorsement, ACFE members were give upto70% discount on delegate fees. The summit was well received by the presence of about 20-30 ACFE members across the country along with other eminent industry professionals.


Webcast: The Forensic Landscape in Middle East


7 November 2012, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Arpinder Singh, President - ACFE Mumbai Chapter

Speaker: Robert Chandler


Today, the Middle East region is in the limelight as it emerges as an attractive option for investments and better employment opportunities. With more promising prospects than ever before, they have elevated their position on the global platform; however this also leads them to business risk and challenges such as the occurrence of fraud. In order to tackle such challenges, it is important to understand how investigations are conducted in Middle East region and what are the potential pitfalls faced by companies while handling such investigations. The webcast focussed on legislative backdrop in the Middle East region from a forensic accountant's perspective, Pitfalls which companies should be aware of and forms of disputes


Webcast: Integrating Advanced Data Analytics to Identify Rogue Employee Activities


26 September 2012, 1.5 CPE hours

Moderator: Sudesh Shetty, CISA

Speaker: Vincent M. Walden, CFE, CPA, CITP


New innovations in text mining, data visualization, statistical and sentiment analysis are assisting companies with proactively identifying rogue employee behaviour. From insider trading, sales force monitoring, data protection and global corruption, companies are taking this risk-based, targeted approach to focus on their investigative and compliance monitoring efforts. This webcast showcased how leading companies are integrating new anti-fraud analytics into their internal audit, investigation or compliance work programs.


General Meeting with the Global Team


January 2012 Goregaon, Mumbai